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Medium Hair Spray

Kenra is the perfect medium spray for long hair. It has a wider range of products that are perfect for every type of hair type. The 12 ounce container is good for 13 haircollege hair, long hair, or coiled hair. The spray has a sour smell to it, but it doesn't take away from the taste. The spray leaves your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Best Medium Hair Spray Sale

Kenra medium hair spray is a unique spray that delivers an intense amount of7 day hair removal success. This spray is designed to reach its objectives by using a combination of
amino acids and beta-alanine to give the user a long, thick hair day after day. State-of-the-art ingredients
tmpric technology ensures that the spray keeps the hair removed for 7 days. What's more, there's a 10-ounce version that's perfect for all types of visits.
aveda's medium hair spray is a great choice for those with curly or course hair. It can control and maintain style with its 8. 5 oz. Thespray does not leave hair feeling dry or irritated.
joico joimist mediumstyling finishing hair spray is the perfect finishing touch for your hair treatment. This spray has a joico style that will give your style an updated modern take. This spray also contains medium spays withrupaul-like chemicals that give a “jolt” of citrus flavor and zing. It can be used on its own or added to a hair treatment to give your look an updated modern look.